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Grow your Small Business with Awesome Free CRM Software

Today, growth is the biggest challenge for small businesses. When we say growth, it means more exposure, employees, and more customers and more revenue naturally. In the process of business growth, organizational processes, and workflow should be simplified. This is where a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software becomes a great value.

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CRM software helps enterprises build customer relationships, which in turn creates customer retention and loyalty. Because customer revenue and loyalty are qualities that impact business revenue, the CRM software is a management strategy resulting in improved business profits.


Prime Benefits of a CRM Software

When considering software development for a business, then a CRM should be seriously considered. Small businesses in particular could take great advantage of the software. Check out the prime benefits you can get from a CRM.

Reporting Sales

A CRM helps you keep a sales performance overview through different metrics, like deals booked and calls made. A small enterprise helps keep tabs, as well as visualize sales performance metrics via the profiles of the customer relationship.

These profiles help determine who the prospects are at every funnel stage while building a pipeline and helping boost the client base. Keeping tabs of booking and outreach helps an enterprise manage its revenue better.

Organizing contacts

As the customer base grows, you would want a system that will organize all the data in such a way that works to your advantage. CRM offers a clean-cut overview of the business contacts and also helps in a more fluent running of the sales processes.

Segmenting the Customer Base

Nowadays, sales teams and digital marketers are all about a few customer segmentation. This is useful not just for personalization, but for breaking prospects down as well into various groups, like the size of the deal, their location, and so on. CRM software provides the sales team more focus.

If you want your business to stay on the competitive edge in today’s tough competition, then you should consider partnering with a software development company that could build a CRM solution that fits your needs.

Developers could build databases, such as search functions, contact management, disparate data repositories integration, and records management to get the best of data as well as discover valuable insights on customers.

Grow your Business with Free CRM software

The evolving technology has given rise to massive tools to power businesses of all sizes and shapes. When it comes to a CRM solution, software developers and even mobile app developers could build software for the specific requirements of an enterprise. Moreover, there is also free awesome CRM software to help your small business grow.

Grow your Business with Free CRM softwareGrow your Small Business with Awesome Free CRM Software
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1. Salesmate:

The sales process could be accelerated with the CRM solution. Furthermore, it also offers a personalized experience for customers. Managing contacts and keeping of all sales-related activities could be done effectively with Salesmate.
The tool is perfect when you send out email campaigns, and you would be aware of what happens to your mails once you send them. Salesmate understand your appreciation of scalability and flexibility, and thus it delivers them to you and more.

2. HubSpot:

The software offers a completely free version that’s quite popular among small enterprises. It includes all basic features, enabling you to keep tabs of your activities, such as assigning and tracking deals, company and contacts profiles, managing all data in a detailed dashboard.

HubSpot could also be used to boost inbound sales. Not to mention, it offers various integration options with popular apps, such as Shopify, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics.

3. Salesforce:

Probably one of the most widely used and biggest CRM software on the market these days. Fortunately for small businesses, the CRM offers the Lightning Essentials, a basic edition.

The package provides users with advanced contact managers, which include follow-up reminders and email integration. Salesforce also includes many options for customization and integration.

4. Agile CRM:

It’s a particularly interesting tool offering many features, such as drag-and-drop marketing automation, custom appointments, and reports through email.

Moreover, the software supports a huge library of plugins, widgets, integrations that are API-powered, and so on. However, the free version is quite limited when it comes to features.

5. Zoho:

While included in the list for enterprise-grade software, Zoho could be employed by small businesses as well, credits to the various editions it offers. It offers users tracking of web visitors, sales signals with pop-ups regarding leads, and lead scoring.

Keep in mind that most advanced features are only available and included in the enterprise and professional editions.

6. Capsule CRM:

The software has been around for some time now. Since it first came about in 2008, it has recently become quite popular. Very easy to use, it lets users keep tabs of sales pipelines and relationships straight and to the point.

The UI is divided into five groups, namely, people, dashboard, sales pipeline, organizations and people, tasks, calendars, and cases. Nonetheless, one pitfall is that it offers less functionality when it comes to reporting and campaigns.

7. Freshsales:

The CRM tool allows you to capture web visitors automatically as sales leads and classified them based on website engagement. Furthermore, the CRM tool also lets you assign customers to the right salesperson on your team.

The personalized pipelines enable you to reach out to every lead with complete context and to keep track of deals.

8. Base CRM:

The tool is ideal for organizations that are considering customizing their sales pipelines. The sales tracking solution allows you to customize the phases of sales. Some things could also be added, including collaborators, leads, and records to all sales deals in the Sales Pipeline component.

The software moreover offers visual reporting in real-time through templates and integrations with social networks, as well as third-party applications, including MailChimp, Yesware, Zapier, and so on.

9. Microsoft Dynamics 365:

An all-in-one platform for marketing and sales of Microsoft. It’s more than the average CRM. It could be extended to other products of Microsoft as well.

A cloud-based business app platform, it combines customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning components, together with AI tools and productivity apps.

10. Streak:

Streak or Gmail fans, it’s a terrific customer relationship management tool. A browser plugin technically, it’s wonderful for smaller teams since they could directly work from their Gmail inbox.


There are many options that small businesses could take into consideration in terms of CRM software solutions. Some things you as a small business owner may want to take into account is the required technical assistance and implementation, the usability, costs, user minimums, and of course a new GDPR security features in place.

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