4 Ways a CRM Software Helps Small Businesses Grow4 Ways A CRM Software Helps Small Businesses Grow

4 Ways A CRM Software Helps Small Businesses Grow

If you’re a startup or small company… it’s highly likely that you will have your plates full; from setting up the company, to hiring the right people, building a product/service, finances, marketing, legal aspects and so much more.

On top of all that, the most important activity still remains to bring in customers & retain them. 

Customer relationships management for small business are the most crucial parameter and something that has to be managed in the best way possible

Gathering all the customer information & managing it takes a lot of effort. That’s where Customer Relationship Management Apps (CRM) come in really handy.

They make your job a lot easier by getting the work done efficiently. 


What’s A CRM?

CRM is a sales process management software that helps businesses manage their sales pipeline & solidify their current & future business relationships. 

CRMs enable effective sales & client management, thus improving productivity & revenue.

Here’s how a CRM Software brings the best out of a company, by connecting them better to their customers: 

1. Reduce Sales Costs

It’s up to 4x times easier to sell your new product/service to your existing customers, than to new leads.” 

Getting new customers is absolutely important for any business, but they don’t come easy or cheap.

Hence, especially for small businesses… It’s absolutely important to give significant efforts towards cross-selling / up-selling to existing customers, so that they can afford to spend on generating new ones. 

Here’s how a CRM comes into play:

  • Better Prioritization & Efficiency

Prioritize opportunities that you think have higher chances of converting & know the right time to get in touch with those customers to enable meaningful interactions. 

Point to Note: Wakeupsales CRM logs all the updates related to an opportunity, from emails to tasks, notes & even related documents. With so much information at your disposal, it’s easier to figure out who your priority customers are.

  • Multiple Actions All Under One Single CRM

You no longer have to shuffle between half a dozen different applications to get your work done. A modern-day CRM is always capable enough to meet your needs, all under one application.

Pro Tip: Say goodbye to your email client, notes, project management, invoices or tasks management tools. Wakeupsales CRM does it all 🙂

  • Reduce Conversion Time

Due to the fact that a CRM gives you all the info on any particular customer, it’s easier for you or your team to prepare for the next action at any stage of the pipeline.

2. Find Your Hottest Opportunities

“Without a CRM App, more than 75% of the Lead never gets converted into Sales.”

Let’s say your lead generating team is working wonders & bringing in enough leads to your funnel. Is that all?

Contrary to popular belief, that’s just the beginning of the hustle.

Are all the leads being handed over to your sales team while they are still HOT or WARM?

Or is your sales team able to prioritize which leads to pursue first? 

If you’re at a mid-sized company, you’ll never have enough time on your hands to manage this manually.

Hence, you need a platform that will let you get the most out of your sales & marketing efforts. Only a smart CRM tool can help you in such cases, by helping you streamline your entire sales process & turn your prospects into customers faster than ever before.

3. Build Long Lasting Customer Relationships

More than 50% of sales gurus agree that long lasting customer relationships are key to business success.”

Smart and successful sales reps always remember it!

  • Challenges & Preferences

Always try to understand the bottlenecks of your prospects & what their preferences are. This will help to adapt your plan based on the opportunities at hand. 

Create meaningful tasks that are in sync with your game plan within the CRM & have insightful interactions with your prospects.

  • Offer Relevant Help

Once you’ve had a fair idea of what the prospect wants & challenges faced, try to offer a product or service that you think will best help their cause.

The CRM systems can provide great efficiency with 50% increase in productivity,  and 40% reduction in the labor cost.

If it’s an existing customer, your CRM will already have records of all the past purchases which will certainly put you in a better position.

4. Offer Superior Customer Service

“Almost 60% of users across the globe don’t mind paying a little extra for a better customer experience.”

The best of products and services are only as good as the before & after-sales offered with it. As simple as that.

There has to be a thin line maintained between annoying a customer by spamming him with emails & going AWOL right after you crack the deal.

Whatever you do, just make sure the customer feels important & confident that you’re there to always help.

A CRM plays a very important role in gaining the trust of your customers, by facilitating smoother interactions.

As the customer relationship management software contains all the information of a customer, all it takes is a glance at the customer profile. 

Higher trust also results in repeated sales & high chances of customer retention. Jackpot!

Like the idea? See how a CRM tool can help you manage, win & retain customers with ease. Sign-up for a FREE Trial with Wakeupsales CRM. 🙂

04 Ways A CRM Software Helps Small Businesses Grow
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Image Name4 Ways A CRM Software Helps Small Businesses Grow
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