3 Business Growth Trends to Watch Out for in 2020Top Business Growth Trends To Look For In 2022

Top Business Growth Trends To Look For In 2022

Growth is absolutely vital for a company to stay in the competition. It’s not just a symbol of success and market acceptance but sustainability. 

No doubt ‘growth’ remains the top priority for every business head across industries, due to the fear of simply falling behind your competitors.

Everybody wants to grow, but very few know how to. Matter of fact, research says that almost 30% of the businesses struggle to grow and have no clear path forward. 

As we enter 2022, the impact of Covid-19 has brought with it, and its growth making it a global health crisis, crippled supply chains and the entire industry is suffering.

Let’s talk about some of the growth strategies that can help your business reach its target for the year 2022.

One of the major business growth trends of 2022 is sustainability. Most of your consumers are choosing sustainable brands over not so eco friendly brands. Therefore it has become essential for every business to create sustainability.

  • Customer Experience

No surprises really! All the businesses love their customers, but very few get the same in return. Much to my surprise, a research says that customers would hardly care if more than 70% of the brands they use shut shop.

Especially for SaaS companies, this is as scary as it gets; with more than 70% of their revenues coming from recurring subscriptions. 

Hence, focus greatly on your existing customers & ensure that they get the best possible customer experience at every touch-point through their journey with you. 

Here’s how you can provide a superior customer experience:

  1. Deliver personalized marketing
  2. Stick to the desired budget & deliver on time
  3. Be open to upgrades, downgrades or even refunds
  4. Offer special offers tailored for your loyal customers

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  • Balancing Human And AI

AI powered Systems are capable of taking the tasks that humans mostly do. It can be conversation through chatbots, voice bots or data driven tailored marketing communications.

Industry professionals do believe that AI will play a major role in sales and marketing of business growth 2022. AI is used for corporate initiatives such as building initiatives and analytics.
AI technology is predicted to become an essential for observing trends and spotting anomalies by using data analytics.

  • Faster Customer Service

Imagine a situation where you’re just about to sign-up for a task management app and at the very last step, you wanted to know how many users can get access to one company account. 

You wrote an email or left a message to the support team & they only replied after a day or two.

This is a very common but unfortunate scenario in the business world, which in most cases results in the customer switching to another service provider or changing his mind altogether about the requirement. 

Customers usually expect a response instantly, within an hour at max.

The best way to reduce the response time is by implementing methods such as live chats, email notifications or at least an automated response acknowledging the interest & stating the earliest time they can expect an answer.

This makes the prospect/customer feel that their inquiries are not going unnoticed. 

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  • Consumer Centricity:

Consumers are driving the business towards success.They dictate what they want to buy, how and when. Anticipating business with customer preferences and adapting operations to ease customers decision making ahead of the game. It is one of the latest industry trends followed by many businesses.

  • Data Driven Decisions

Contrary to the popular practice of taking decisions out of mutual discussions & gut feelings, the most important factor behind every business decision should be ‘data’. The only way you have a better chance of success is if the decision you’re about to take is backed by proven data or analytics. 

Let’s say your management team has been sweating it out discussing how to make the product better. 

The easiest & most effective way to get ideas is through customer feedback. Just ask your existing customers what they’d like to have on your product & their opinions are worth gold.  

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Ajay P.S, Co-founder & CEO,


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Image NameTop Business Growth Trends To Look For In 2022

It’s also a great idea to reach out to customers that stopped using your offerings & ask for probable reasons. This will help you get priceless information on where there’s work to be done.  

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In today’s business world, growing isn’t a choice anymore. You just have to grow, to stay in the game. There’s no golden formula to grow your business, but the above discussed parameters will certainly help you stay ahead of your competitors. 

I can’t wait for you all to start the new year on a high & kick start your business growth.

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0Top Business Growth Trends To Look For In 2022
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Image NameTop Business Growth Trends To Look For In 2022
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